Friday, Sept. 27, 1946

270th day- 95 days follow

Fair and cooler fine day.

Mary Foley was up on the  hill this A.M.

Mowed the lawns.  There was a heavy stand of grass.

I got a letter from the Boss at noon and in it was a present for Jubbie, a check for $50.00.

Saw a grey squirrel up on the hill eating dogwood berries.

Mr. H. and Mr. Bubbins arrived this afternoon.

Harry’s wife was up after flowers.

Jennie Chandler had a trench dug for a water pipe from Cliff St. to her cottage.  There was an Indian hearth and two shell pits in the trench, but there was no artifacts.

After supper George came with the trailer and he and I went down to the mouth of the river and got Ski’s sailboat and brought it up into the yard.

Thel has gone out for the evening.

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