Saturday, Sept. 28, 1946

271st day- 94 days follow


Fair and warm fine day.

Mr. H. went to New Bedford.

Bill came up after dinner.  Bill came up and we went to the dig.  I had good luck this afternoon.  The first thing I got is a small red triangular arrowhead as good as any I ever saw from this part of the country, a beauty.  And four white quartz scrapers, one nice red felsite arrowhead rounded base and rather crude red point, and one grey felsite.  It would have been a beautiful specimen but a small piece is broken off each of the butt corners. Two quartz bases and two quarts  tips, two chards of pottery, and one piece of graphite.

When I came home Thel and I went up to Eleanor’s, so she and George could go out together for supper as it is the(ir) third wedding anniversary.

The Northern Lights are bright tonight.

Mrs. Abbie Sampson had a shock and she was so violent that she had to be taken up to Taunton.

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