Sunday, Sept. 29, 1946

272nd day- 93 days follow

Fair and warm fine day.

Got up first and rode my wheel around the square stopped at the sand bank found nothing.  Stopped at the bridge and talked with Mick Swift’s youngest boy and a fellow on a wheel.

Got the paper and went up on the hill.

After dinner Thel and I went out to Bailey’s at Kingston.  We had a good crowd of our own and two cars of the Brockton Archery Club came down with their bows and joined in with us and what equipment they have, arrows at $18.00 per dozen, bow sights, special grips, and boy they sure can shoot.  We shot all the afternoon and I was lousy, though I did get two golds in one round.

I think that the Morse’s and Alvin may be up here some time this week.

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