Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1946

274th day- 91 days follow

Fair and much cooler.  Small shower in the afternoon.

Harry came up on the hill this morning and I went down to Manter’s point and packed the beach wagon for him, as he is moving back to Boston today.  The rest of the day I was helping Mrs. H. pack her car with stuff to take to Boston.

Mary Foley was up on the hill this A.M.

Ski bought a new collar for Myles.

The water department dug a hole in Cliff Street to connect up Jennie Chandler’s water pipe, and they dug thru an Indian shell pit.  I looked the stuff over and saw only a couple of quartz flakes.

Harry gave me a pipe he got for me in Europe, the mouthpiece was broken, but I am trying to fix it.  The bowl is very pretty briar.  He gave me two pieces of pottery he dug up in London at the bottom of a bomb cratr.  It is part of a pot left there by the Romans.

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