Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1946

275th day- 90 days follow

Fair and real cool.

Worked today in the grove near the cemetery.  There was a funeral this afternoon and some one was buried in the Atwell lot.

Eleanor and her babies were here at noon for dinner.  They are all fine.

Jennie Chandler had a bulldozer tear out a driveway to Warren Ave. and pushed the loam up into a pile.  I took a look at it but didn’t see anything

I lost an arrow in the hollow whr the grape vines are.

Went in to see Jennie’s house.  It will be quite nice when it is finished.

I put an arrow rest on my bow and I think it is going to work out well.

George called me up and offered to get the dog house I am making so we went up and got it.

It was Grace Johns that was buried in the cemetery today.

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