Saturday, Oct. 5, 1946

278th day- 87 days follow


Bill Whiting was up on the hill this morning for a few minutes.

After dinner he came up and we went up to the dig. I got some good stuff, two fine long arrowheads concave side stemmed.  They are very sharp and good.  Two crude red points, several parts of arrowheads, one medium sized pit, and one small hearth and an ash pit, with a lot of very red ash.

Came home by the hill.  The folks hadn’t arrived.  Then Mr. Shanklin was here for supper.  He had dug some steamers, so we had clams for supper.

After supper he and I played cribbage.  I won.

Victoria was over here with the boys this morning. Marie was here for dinner.  Thel took her right home after she had eaten so she could get her nap.

Howard Morse called up and said the archery shoot tomorrow will be at the Nook Farm.

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