Sunday, Oct. 6, 1946

279th day- 86 days follow

Fair and warm, wonderful day.

Rode my wheel up to the store and got the paper.

Then went up the hill, saw Mrs. H.  She was getting ready to go to the Vineyard.

Stopped in to see Walder and Pic and the boys.

Mr. Bailey from Kingston came in and we went over to Nook Farm and had an archery shoot.  I shot a lot better than last week.  

The Morses came up and spent part of the afternoon and evening and had supper.

We are meeting at his home next Tuesday evening.

We had quite a pleasant time.

The minister caught a female white wing coot that was probably Cody shot, it was still alive this morning.  I took it down to the brook by the willow tree.

First game of the World Series this afternoon.  The Boston Red Sox won a 3 to 2 victory over the St. Lewis (Louis) Cards.

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