Wednesday, Oct. 16, 1946

289th day- 76 days follow

Fair and mild, partly cloudy in the afternoon.

Walter Haskell* came up on the hill and took down the story of the Mass. Arch. Convention we had last Sat.

Took down the screen doors and took out the screens up on the hill.

Barby Palavanchi called Thel up and told her that the women from the State Prevention of Cruelty to Children were over at their house this A.M. as one of the neighbors had made a complaint about the condition of the children from lack of care.

Eleanor and her two babies were (here) for dinner.  They went to town this afternoon.

After work I took Myles up back of Chick’s and Raymond’s and up by Ward’s plowing and I tracked the buck deer again.

Went to the county farm and back thru Bates’ pasture.  Myles didn’t get the scent of a single thing.

Thel went out to supper to the Russell House, their club anniversary.

Went over to visit Archie and we got a tel. call from Thel.  She was down by the bowling alley, so Archie and I went down and the rear left spring was snapped right off.

*Walter Haskell was the reporter for Plymouth’s “Old Colony Memorial” newspaper.

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