Thursday, Oct. 17, 1946

290th day- 75 days follow

Fair and warm, fine day.

I stayed home this afternoon and dug my potatoes and got just two bushels, some different crop from what I had last year.

This year I had 9 rows and got 2 bushels. Last year I had 7 rows and got  15 bushels.

Thel called up the garage about the spring that broke last night.  They think it will be a tough job getting one.

Saw a sparrow hawk fly by the lower edge of my garden.

George Stef. told me he saw an eagle eating a grey squirrel in the road up by Stones.  He said that the squirrel was wired to a piece of board.

I found a funny one on the hill today. When I was picking (up) the lawn furniture I found a dead hawk that had flown into one of the slats and killed itself.

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