Sunday, Oct. 20, 1946

293rd day- 72 days follow

Mrs. H. 50th birthday


Bill Pierce

Went up to the store and thru the cemetery to the hill, saw Mr. and Mrs. H.

Harold Morse called up and offered to give me a ride up to Brockton.  Aunt Ethel Hubert, his wife, and Toot came in for a visit this morning.  Walder and David were here too.

After dinner Howard Morse picked me up  in town and the archery group met in Kingston and we went up to Brockton to visit the Brockton archery club at the Walkover shoe club grounds.

They have a fine field and had 14 targets up, one of them gave us instructions all afternoon.

Lawrence Bailey bought a steel bow from one of the Brockton archers.  Howard Morse brought me home.  Ate supper, went up on the hill and took a bus out to Bill Pierce’s to their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  They had about 150 guests stop in during the day.  Thel was out there all of the afternoon and evening.

Very cool today, in fact the coldest this fall.

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