Saturday, Oct. 19, 1946

292nd day- 73 days follow



Fair and cool, fine day.

Saw three bunches of geese today, 21- 6- and 60.  That looks like a cold spell coming our way.

Mrs. H., her dog, Harry, and Mr. H. have been up on the hill today.

Bill came up after dinner and he and I went up to the Browne dig.  I had pretty good digging, not anything spectacular but an interesting dig.

Found five white quartz snub nosed scrapers, four broken points, one beautiful granite pecking and rubbing stone, and one nice stone bead.  We had dug in a house floor.  It has two pits, several post molds.  There is about four inches of clam shell where we are digging and it is full of broken bone. Dug over one small hearth.

Ruth Finney was in here this evening planning a shower for Helen Finney.

Mr. Shanklin was in this evening and we played a few games of cribbage.

Aunt Abbie Sampson died last night.

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