Saturday, Oct. 26, 1946

299th day- 66 day follow


Warm and cloudy.

Geo. Stefani and I went up around Braley town pheasant hunting and saw nothing.   

Then we came back to Obery and we hunted up around Kate White’s.  All I saw was one of her cats someone had shot.  Over by the County Farm I saw a large flock of bluebirds and one large woodpecker about the size of a flicker.  It had wings that were white and its body was dark colored.  The last one I saw like it around here was over 35 years ago.

Bill Whiting came up after dinner and we went up to the dig.  I got two bone arrowheads and part of a bone awl, a few small bits of pottery, two tiny flint scrapers, several broken white quartz points and two crude unfinished points.

Bill found as fine a triangular grey felsite as anyone has, a large white point with one corner broken off.  Had it been whole it would be the best of its kind I ever saw from here.  Just before we quit he found a second small celt, a red one and it sure is a dandy one.

Geo. Stefani was in for an hour this evening.

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