Sunday, Oct. 27, 1946

300th day- 65 days follow

Real warm, summertime day.

Went up to the store and got the paper, then over on to the hill.

After dinner Thel and I went down to the high school playground to the archery shoot.  We put up two targets and Thel did first rate, far better than she has ever done before.

The crowd was all there but Howard Morse.

My shooting was lousy.

After we had supper we took a ride up to see Geo. and Eleanor.  We stayed till 9 P.M.

I sure have got to get a new bow as I sure am not satisfied with the one I have.

Bailey had his new Swedish Steel bow, but I don’t think he did any better than he used to do with his wood one.

There were two interested people at the shoot that want to join, a man and his wife.

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