Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1946

302nd day- 63 days follow

Warm and mild, showers.

Trimmed out some more brush.

I stopped to see Pic and the boys as I came home from work.  The boys were glad to see me and had to show off their new ski suits.

I had Myles up on the hill with me this afternoon and he was quite well behaved.

Mrs. Rich told me that they have had more trouble this summer with Mrs. Clarke and her boys.  

They are going to have a stork party here tonight for Helen Finney.  So I went over and spent the evening with Walder.

Mr. G. the Greek artist that bought and lives in the Collingwood house came in and stayed part of the evening.  After he left Walder and I played cribbage.  I won 3 straight games.

Thel took Eleanor home and stopped for me on the way back.

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