Monday, Oct. 28, 1946

301st day- 64 days follow

Warm and cloudy.

Mrs. Rich called me up on the hill to ask if I would come down and lock up a drunk [actually, this should be “trunk”!] and put it in their car so Priscilla could take it down to the station to ship it to Florida.

Thel went over to town and bought the other six arrows to the set of those I bought her.

Cleaned out some more brush.

Thel got a nice card from Mrs. Pierce thanking her for helping out at their anniversary.

We haven’t heard from Dave and Dot since Sept. 1.

There are a lot of juncos up on the hill.

2 Replies to “Monday, Oct. 28, 1946”

  1. I beg forgiveness from my dear departed grandfather and to all of you wonderful blog followers. It should be a “trunk” that is put into the car..although perhaps I was getting too much politics into the blog…..

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