Friday, Nov. 8, 1946

312th day- 53 days follow

Warm and foggy.

Went up to the store and got some food for Mrs. H’s dog.

Mick Swift and his gang were here today. They got the front and living (rooms) finished.

Finney’s water pipe burst this afternoon.

Took a walk up around Eugene Finney’s summer cottage, saw a few new flakes.

Raked up leaves today.

I expect the Hornblowers will come down some time tonight.

Roger came over and spent the evening with the Norse kid.  He was up with his father and mother.

We played 6 games of cribbage.   Thel and Howard won four.

May was in after supper.  She was on her way up to Whitman to meet Betty and Sandy.

She said Gerty is coming up to her house tomorrow morning.

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