Saturday, Nov. 9, 1946

313th day- 52 days follow

Fair and warm.

Mr. and Mrs. H. were on the hill this A.M.

I saw two pheasants in the cutting garden about 9:15 A.M.

Raked up more rubbish.

Mrs. H. went hunting.

Mr. Shanklin was in for dinner and stayed to hear the Notre Dame Army football game (it ended in a 0 tie.)

Bill and I went up to the dig and we found only broken stuff.  I found a broken piece of a gorget.*

When I got home May and Gertie were here.  Betty and Sandy came in and stayed awhile.

Then we went up there and stayed there during the evening.

Toot has a swell workshop fixed up in his cellar.

*An article of clothing that covered the throat.

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