Monday, Nov. 11, 1946

315th day- 50 days follow


Warm and showers.

I got up early and called up Bill and then went up the hill and did the chores.  Mr. and Mrs. H., Harry and Charlie Strickland (were there).

Then I rode my wheel over to the Nook Farm and I got a blowout over at Lewis Fugazzi’s and I paid Lewis Fugazzi the bill I owed him.

I met Bill and we dug up a place where he found the big adze.

He drove me home. Thel was just getting up.

After dinner I fixed up a target in the garden and we did some shooting when Percy and Peter came over. Percy tried a few rounds.

Gertie, Eddie Wood, and his girl friend came here, and Eddie shot awhile with me, then we came into the house and I showed Eddie’s girl friend my collection.  They left about 5 P.M.  Eddie brought some arrowhead stuff.

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