Sunday, Nov. 10, 1946

314th day- 51 days follow

-Bills Adze-

Fair and cool.

Went up on the hill.  This morning Thel and I met Morse and Alvin out to the Bay Farm and we cut some salt hay for targets, and stored it at Burgess’s on Water St.

When we got home Dave and his family had been here and were over at Victoria’s.  They stayed there for dinner.

This afternoon Thel and I went down to the High School to the Archery shoot.  Thel did fine, me fair.

When we got back Dave and family were here, and Geo. and Eleanor and their two children came in.

Bill Whiting called me up tonight and said he made a swell find.  He just came in with it.  It is a grooved adze 11 ½ inches long and 4 inches wide and weighs 6 pounds.  He stayed talking to me till 10:20 P.M.

Thel has gone up to Tillie’s.  They are having Cozette and Archie’s silver wedding anniversary.

Frank Holman, Al and Eddie H. are putting up a horse barn up at Holman’s.

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