Saturday, Nov. 16, 1946

320th day- 45 days follow


Fair and warm, fine day.

Thel went up to see how Marie is, she is better.

I put on our storm windows this A.M.

After dinner Bill Whiting came up and we went up to the dig and didn’t have any great luck.  I got two white quartz scrapers, one bone flaker, part of a banner stone, and one piece of pottery.

Bill got two scrapers and one fine antler point flake.

After supper Thel and I went up to Roddie Sherman’s to the M.A.S. meeting.  There was a good crowd there and the members brought in quite a (lot of) new stuff they found since the last meeting.

I picked 1 ½ dozen tea roses on the hill.

Saw a large bunch of quail in the gulley between here and the hill.

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