Sunday, Nov. 17, 1946

321st day- 44 days follow

Cloudy and warmer.

Got up first and took Myles with me.  We went up on the hill and looked for Mrs. Withington’s glasses, didn’t find them.

Then we took a walk along the beach up as far as the Hotel then over to see Geo., Eleanor, and the  children.  Marie is better.

Thel came in while I was there, she left to go to church.

I came back by River Street and saw Henry Adams. 

Looked for the glasses again, no luck. Tried to get Mrs. Withy, no luck.

After dinner Thel and I went down to the high school and did some archery.  Thel did the best ever.  She won two rounds and Bailey won two.

I did a lot better for me, but I was low man.

From shooting we took a ride up to Eleanor and George’s. We stayed to supper with them and a couple of hours after.  Marie is rather under the weather.

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