Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1946

324th day- 41 days follow

Fair and warmer, fine day.

At 10 A.M. I went to Ed Manter’s and helped Russ and Grace Snow take Mary Manter to the hospital to have her broken leg x-rayed.  I saw Dr. Hamilton and he said he had seen Dr. Howes recently.

Took a walk down by the beach club and saw a large flock of goldfinches down by the river.

Chopped down some more brush in back of the cemetery.

The Archery Club meet here tomorrow night.

Thel and I did a little shooting at noon.  I did some tonight.

Thel went over to the Milk Bar this morning to see Ski.

Bugs and flies are still with us.

Mick Swift finished up painting this morning.

Wrote a letter to the Mail Pouch Tobacco Co., Wheeling, W.V. just to see if I will get an answer.

Grace Manter came here with a 1 pound of Dills Best as a present from Mary Manter.

Ski got me an Xmas present- a fine fountain pen.

One Reply to “Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1946”

  1. Dill’s best…pipe tobacco. I remember fondly my grandfather loving his pipe..rarely seeing him sitting in his chair without it.


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