Tuesday, Nov. 19, ,1946

323rd day- 42 days follow

Fair and warmer.

Lots of juncos, flickers, crows, Jays, flies, and a red squirrel up on the hill.

I took Thel’s bow up on the hill and put a site on it, and put a new rack in a box for her arrows.

Finished pulling the last of the brush that is cut.  Now I have to cut a lot more down.

Thel and I shot a little at noon and before supper, not too hot.

Mick Swift and Doten were working here today.

I wrote a letter tonight to the Sterlingworth Arms Co. to see if they will restock it.  Sure hope they can do it at not too high a price.

Grace Snow called up to see if I would help take her mother up to the hospital at 10 A.M. tomorrow morning.

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