Friday, Nov. 22, 1946

326th day- 39 days follow

Warm with light showers.

Worked all the morning cleaning out my shop and putting it in order.

Saw a flock of shags flying around this morning.

1PM we are now having the hardest rain shower we have had for about 12 weeks.  I heard a couple of rumbles of thunder.  Rained hard this afternoon.

Thel took Ski over to work on account of the rain.

This ought to wash out a few arrowheads at the Nook farm.

This pen works fine.  Ski gave it to me for a birthday present.

I wonder how the John Lewis and the Government arguments will work out over the coal strikes.

The letter I wrote to the Sterlingworth Arms Co. returned for lack of proper address.

Mrs. Rich called up after supper. 

George came in for a few minutes. So Thel and I went up to his house and we played 9 games of crib and Geo. and Eleanor won the rubber.

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