Monday, Nov. 25, 1946

329th day- 36 days follow

I am 58 years old today, and I feel lousy have the runs.

Fixed up the stuff that is to go up to Boston.

Went over to the greenhouse to see Treglawn about taking (it) up to Boston.

When I got home at noon Bob was here, the fellow I met last summer down at the camp.

Got a birthday card from Dave and Dot.

Thel got me a bow string and she ordered me some arrows for my birthday.

After dinner Thel, Ski, But and I went down to the camp and we got a mattress for a target and Dave’s flashlight.

The place looked fine and the pond is a little lower.  We came back the back way by Long Pond.  We saw some deer tracks on the Head of the Bay Road.  When we got down to Wright’s place we went in to Chris Swift’s old bog and the place is just plastered with deer tracks.

7 P.M. Thel took Helen Finney up to the hospital to have her baby.

One Reply to “Monday, Nov. 25, 1946”

  1. I hadn’t realized that our anniversary was the same as my grandfather’s birthday. I really wish he had been alive to meet my husband….he would have like this kind soul…..


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