Sunday, Nov. 24, 1946

328th day- 37 days follow


Partly cloudy and cold.

Went up on the hill this A.M. and everything was fine.

Worked all the morning taking off the screen doors, and putting on the storm doors.

After dinner Thel and I went down to the high school to the archery shoot.

Thel topped the group.  They were all there but the Baileys.

When we came home the Shanklin family were here.   He and I played two games of cribbage.  He won one.  They stayed here for supper.

Bill called up and said he is going up to the nook and see if he can dig up some more of the pot.

Thel and I went up to see Eleanor and George after supper.   We played a few games of cribbage then came home at 9:50 P.M.

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