Saturday, Nov. 30, 1946

334th day- 31 days follow

When I got up on the hill this A.M. Richard Greenwood was there.  He said he saw a buck deer in the road in front of Shipley’s drive.  Geo. Crowell and a carpenter and I went up on the main roof to see about shingling it.

Finney’s pick up truck (took) three of my mowers to Boston to be sharpened and overhauled.  

John B. Finney sent me up a bag of salt hay for bed covering.

Thel and I did a little shooting.  I did better today.

After dinner Bill came up and we went up to the nook to see if we could find some more of the pot. We dug out the edges and found three pieces, at the lower level we found a rim piece and about a dozen chards of a different pot.

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