Sunday, Dec. 1, 1946

335th day- 30 days follow

Cloudy and mild, went up on the hill, no one up.  Geo. took me, we went up to his house and left some groceries.  Then we went up to Chris Swift’s bog and spent about an hour and a half tracking deer and looking for their tracks for tomorrow’s hunt.  From there we came back as far as the old Jordan golf course.

We found some deer tracks there and looked around some for arrowheads and found none.

Saw a bunch of kids there.  Gave some of them a ride.

From there we went around by Fisk Mabbitt’s and out by John Davis’s.  We took a walk up in the old Stone property and I took a look at a coon tree.

Came back to George’s and had dinner.

Thel went down to the house and there was a fellow to look at Evelyn’s car.

After dinner Thel and I went down to the high school to the archery shoot.  I did better and Thel not so well.

Thel put out a grass fire up by Sawyer’s today.

Mrs. Sanderson invited us up to her daughter’s wedding reception.

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