Mon, Dec. 9, 1946

343rd day- 22 days follow

Cloudy and warm.

Worked all day on the flower beds putting them in shape for the rest of the winter.

Thel drove Ethel Swift up to Carver.

I thought I heard some geese but couldn’t see them.

Tried a few practice shots with my bow this noon.

This afternoon Chet Downie* came up on the hill to pay me a visit.  I like to see Chet come around to pay me a visit.  He used to work for me summers, and was a fine boy for a helper.

Mr. and Mrs. William Whiting came up after supper and Bill and I worked for over two hours on his pot.  What a job worse than any jigsaw puzzle  I ever tried to put together.

Thel went over to Cozette’s for a few minutes.

* Chester “Chet” Downie was a well known Plymouth name.  He was the founder of the Babe Ruth baseball league and the Director of the Plymouth Boys and Girls Club.  He worked at the Truant officer for the town of Plymouth. He was truly a great asset to this community.

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