Sunday, Dec. 8, 1946

342nd day- 23 days follow

Fair and warm, fine day for this season of the year.

Geo. and Marie stopped in this morning for a few minutes.

Bill came up this morning and he and I went up to the Browne site and we filled in the trenches we had opened, and dug a little.  I found one large fine piece of a soapstone pot.  It had no lugs or handles but had holes drilled near the rim to lash the handle to.

We found a few crude pieces, nothing much.

After dinner Thel and I went over to the high school and Morse showed up so we had a three cornered shoot.  I did much better today.  After the shoot Thel and I went up to George and Eleanor’s for supper tonight.

A few wild geese flew over this morning.

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