Friday, Dec. 13, 1946

347th day- 18 days follow

Light showers this A.M. Cleared off fine.

Carpenter on the job today.

I heard that helicopter that flew over yesterday was Mr. Snow the man that is known as the Lighthouse Santa Claus.*

Did a little shooting at noon and did better.

Went down to Dutton’s and helped them pack their car for their trip to Florida.

Thel got an announcement card about Helen Finney’s baby.

Saw several flickers today.

Started up the hot water furnace in case Mr. H. comes down.

After supper Thel and I went up to Geo. and Eleanor’s and spent the evening playing cards.

*The legendary “Lighthouse Santa Claus” started in 1929 with a Maine float plane pilot named William Wincapaw.  The helicopter flight on December 12, 1946,  was made by Edgar Rowe Snow, with Roy Beer at the controls. They set off from Boston in one of the first commercial helicopters to make the flight to southern New England lighthouses.

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