Saturday, Dec. 14, 1946

346th day- 17 days follow

(Ed R. Manter)

Mr. H., Harry, and Geo. Crowell were up on the hill this A.M.

Ruth Finney told me at noon that Ed Manter died this morning at 8:30 A.M.

Did a little shooting at noon, did pretty fair.

Mr. Delano, the carpenter, was up to work today.

Bill Whiting came up on the hill a few minutes this A.M.  After dinner Bill came up and he and I went up to the dig, perhaps for the last time this year, as it probably will be frozen hard or covered with snow from now on.

Bill found one beautiful large triangular point and a few pieces of refuse stuff.  I found a broken up grooved mawl, one tiny piece of graphite, a small piece of soapstone, and a couple of broken arrow points.

Mr. Shanklin was in to supper and he and I had three games of cribbage after and I won all three.

Helen Finney and baby are O.K.

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