Sunday, Dec. 15, 1946

349th day- 16 days follow

Partly cloudy and cool.

Went up on the hill.  Harry and his father went back to Boston.

Thel and I went to church this morning.

Took a few shots with my bow. Pretty cold on the fingers.

Bill came in for a minute, he had been up to Whipple’s after red berries for Xmas.

This afternoon Thel and I took some stuff up to the Manomet dump and on the way back we stopped at Stone’s and got some bittersweet berries.

We picked up Geo, Eleanor, and the kids and went for a ride as far as So. Duxbury and back. We dropped them at home.

John Nickerson’s brother, William, who lived on the Cape, left the church $1,000.00 in his will.

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