Saturday, Dec. 28, 1946

362nd day– 3 days follow

Snowed last night turning to rain, now the roads are coated with ice.

Mrs. H. called up at 9:15 A.M. and she wanted to know if Mr. H. was here.  I told her no, so she said he probably was at the Crowells.

Stopped in to see Pic at noon.  Howard got stuck on the ice on her drive.

Grog stole what was left of the turkey.

This afternoon I finished cleaning up the cellar.  Looks better now than it has for years.

Bud and Ski were in here all this afternoon.

Thel brought Marie down first thing this A.M. and she is still here as the roads are in terrible condition covered with ice.  Several cars got stuck in the hollow by Walder’s.

Sandy and Betty came in for a few minutes tonight on their way home from town.

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