Sunday, Dec. 29, 1946

363rd day- 2 days follow

Snowed last night turning to rain and kept up all day.

Went up on the hill.  Mr. H. hadn’t got up.

Stopped in at Walder’s on the way back and rode home with him.

After dinner we took Marie home and stayed part of the afternoon.

Saw about 200 Brant flying over the golf links.

Bud and Ski came in as we were leaving.

We went down to Primo’s and got some gas and alky for the car.

Al Holman called up to see if Thel and I would go to the movies with he and his mother.  We did.  It was Angel on my Shoulder, starring Paul Muni.

The other was a Judy Canova comedy.

The news reel had a picture of the V2 rocket that had the speckling Dave made in its nose.

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