Wednesday, Jan. 15, 1947

15th day- 350 days follow


Got more stuff ready to burn.

Warm, foggy and showers.

After dinner I took a walk down to the Beach Club and found that 16 large squares of glass have been broken out in the office.

Took a walk up as far as the hotel and found one fore (?) white quartz arrowhead, and a dime on the bluff in front of the hotel.  

By the hotel garage I found a wonderful long triangular serrated white quartz point.  Took a look at the sand bank and found nothing, but I might later as there will be a lot of sliding when the frost goes out.

Thel went to town and got a present for Bobbie’s baby.

Thel went to a Community Club Anniversary supper.

Ski has gone up.

Called up Dave and congratulated him on his 30 birthday.

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