Thursday, Jan. 30, 1947

30th day- 335 days follow


Foggy and warm.

Cut brush in back of Maraghy’s on the proposed fire belt.  It was so warm I worked in my shirt sleeves rolled up and no hat on..

Thel said she was talking to Phamie Davis and she said John’s foot is going to be taken off next Saturday.

This afternoon I had Jubbie come up to work on the fire strip.

Called on Arthur Finney and he said he wouldn’t move the building for Harry.

After supper Thel and I went up to Geo. and Eleanaor’s and spent the evening.  Thel and I won all the games of crib but one.

They have a dog now.  She is a fawn colored cocker spaniel from his brother.  She has been bred, so there will be puppies some time.

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