Friday, Jan. 31, 1947

31st day- 334 days follow

Fair and warm.

Harry called me up at 8 A.M.

Dragged out brush to burn.

I saw a worm crawling across the driveway and a group of ants eating some bread I put out for the birds.

Jubbie worked two hours.

Found two lunar moth cocoons and I am going to hatch them out.

Thel went up to Geo. Holman’s, her youngest brother.  He is sick in bed.  He has rheumatism.  He has got a filling station, the Gulf next to Pepsi Cola.

There is a lot of birds around my feed boxes.  There is a downie woodpecker that is there all the time.

Thel has gone to Dot Holton’s to a card party.

There was a lost setter dog around today. Her license is 999.

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