Monday, Feb. 3, 1947

34th day- 331 days follow

Cold this morning, warmed up.

Thel, Ski, Bud, and I went up to the sportsman’s show.  We had radiator trouble going up and coming home.  On the way home we went by Sears Roebucks and they were closed.

We stopped at the Deaconess Hospital and inquired for John Davis.  They said he is coming along nicely.

They had Sharkey the trained seal for a feature attraction.  There was three moose, three deer, and two bears from Maine.

There was one rubber boat I would like to own.

Myles was loose when we got home from Boston.

The radio says we are due for another cold wave.

I had a pleasant surprise at the show.  I met a good friend there, Fred Johnson of Andover.

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