Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1947

35th day- 330 days follow

Mowed brush till 3 P.M.  Then Jubbie and I quit on account of rain.

Real warm today wind So.

Miles ran away today.  Ski found him up at the store.

The Old Man, our cat, hasn’t been home for the last four days.  I wonder if he has gone to the happy hunting grounds with the other three cats we had killed for us in the past year.

Tried putting feathers on an arrow.  Hope it stays on.

Two hours later the Old Man cat came home.

There was a 5 year old girl got lost in the woods of Carver Sat. afternoon. Searching party had been hunting from then till tonight when she was found about ½ mile from home.  She was taken to the Jordan Hospital and is going to be OK.

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