Friday, Mar. 28, 1947

87th day- 278 days follow

Fair + Cool

Worked all day raking up rubbish.

Fred Moon was up on the first part of the forenoon.

After I got through work I rode my wheel up to the Russell Mills Cemetery to take a look at the place that has been bulldozed over. It was so (fresh?) if there is anything there we have to have a hard rain to show it up.

Took a look at Bubbin’s (field) on the way back,  found  nothing there. 

This side of the roof on Archie’s house is closed in.

Fannie Holman was over here for supper and spent the evening.

2 Replies to “Friday, Mar. 28, 1947”

    1. We realized that when they say “rubbish,” they’re referring to leaves, branches – it’s natural detritus, not human… but yes, they spend a lot of time on that!


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