Saturday, Mar. 29, 1947

88th day- 277 days follow


Fair + Warmer

Fred Moon was up on the hill today.

Jubbie and I are still cleaning up rubbish and we have a heck of a pile.

The place is beginning to look a little cleaner and more like Spring.

Bill came up after dinner and went out to our new place in Pembroke and we hunted there for a couple of hours and I found four fair arrowheads, one slate, one felsite and two white quartz and a small celt slightly broken at the top, but with the finest polished cutting edge possible.

From there we went over to the N.R. Bridge and hunted there and I found one fair slate arrowhead.

Mrs. Holman was here all day.  Frank Holman is up at the hospital.  He had his adenoids and tonsils out.

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