Tuesday, April 1, 1947

91st day- 274 days follow

(Eddie H. Baby)

Fair + Warmer

Fine day to work.

Fred Moon was up on the hill.

Raked up the flower beds around the house.

Howard Wood brought up the fertilizer.

Eddie Hathaway’s wife went up to the hospital this A.M. and she had a son tonight.

Ski, Thel and I went up to Geo. and Eleanor’s and had supper and stayed till 10 P.M.

Marion Finney has gone back to N. Carolina.

Thel went over to town and bought her mother some new shoes.

The Hathaway family have all gone up to Eddie’s to stay while his wife is in the hospital.

One Reply to “Tuesday, April 1, 1947”

  1. I so enjoy reading this every day-thank you! Howard Wood was our grandfather. We grew up on River Street and spent a lot of time playing on Hornblowers Hill. Love seeing all the old Chiltonville names!


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