Wednesday, Apr. 2, 1947

92nd day- 273 days follow

Mild   Rain

I went down to the foot of the drive to get a ride with Geo. on his Cape trip.

We didn’t make connections but it didn’t matter as it started to rain.

Fred Moon was up on the hill this A.M.

A check came from Fuller Hammond.

Thel and I took a ride up to the Russell Mill Cemetery to see Al Holman’s land + the house he is moving from G. So. Pond.  He got it off the road on to the lot and got stuck in wet clay.  Quite a few people were up there in the rain looking on.

Thel is going out to her club meeting tonight.

Saw a live woodchuck in the street in front of Chick Howland’s.  Had to slow up the car so as not to hit it.

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