Friday, April 18, 1947

108th day- 257 days follow

Partly cloudy

Jubbie worked this morning.

The carpenters were on the hill.

The Cape Cod Co. truck came up this A.M. and they lugged off the old shingles that came off the house.

They finished about 3 P.M.

Jubbie took Harriet over to have some teeth out.

Guy Cooper has sold out his grocery business.*

Had a shower this afternoon.

Bill Whiting came up after supper and he was quite happy as he had a lucky find up at Mother Doane’s.  It was a fine specimen and in perfect condition, what I assume was an ear ornament.

Fannie Holman was here tonight.

Ski has gone to work again down at the Milk Bar.

*editor’s note. Guy Cooper’s store was at Jabez Corner and sold a little of everything.  The store later became Barbieri’s market. We’d love more info on its history!

2 Replies to “Friday, April 18, 1947”

  1. There’s a nice image of Guy Cooper’s store on the landing page of Jim Baker’s website:
    Guy Cooper was, I believe, Jim’s great-grandfather. Or maybe grandfather? Jim wrote a nice piece about the store for edible South Shore magazine a few years back….

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