Saturday, April 19, 1947

109th day- 258 days follow


Fair + Cool

Went up  on the hill this A.M.

The carpenters were there.

Bill came up and he and I took a trip out to Mother Doan’s and we dug a place up where he found the ear pendant.  I found two nice white quartz arrow points there.  Then we went out to our Plympton site and each found several crude pieces.  From there we went to Green Harbor .  I  found a good knife there.

Went up on the hill when I got back home.

All the folks around here went over to the horse show, over to Mabbits.

After supper Thel and I went up to Roddie Sherman’s to the M.A.S.

Seamans had some very nice artifacts he found this winter.

Saw a garden in Green Harbor that had a swell lot of peas in it.

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