Wednesday, April 23, 1947

113th day- 252 days follow

Fair + Cool

Wind changed from North to South so it probably will be warmer tomorrow.

The carpenters were on the hill today.

This morning I went over to H.H. and borrowed a lawn mower from Steve, so I mowed all afternoon.

The folks are up to see Roger.

Thel, Ski, and I shot two rounds at noon.  I shot two alone.  My highest score was 179.

Jubbie didn’t work today.

Mr. Delano sure had a bad time with it today.  He is allergic to shingling.

Harriet was in here tonight.

I stopped in to see Pic and the boys on my way home from work.  She and I are going to be Godfather and Godmother for Bobbie’s baby Sunday.

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