Thursday, April 24, 1947

114th day- 251 days follow

Fair + warmer

Strong south wind.

My lawn mowers came from Boston and I mowed all morning.  The grass was so tall on the bowling green I had mowed it four times.

The folks went up to see Rober.  He is apparently O.K.

Shot rounds tonight got 3 golds 3 times scored 138 in one round.

Cotti has got Archie’s chimney finished and it sure looks small compared with the old fashioned one they used to have.

Jubbie worked today.

White Fuel brought me a load of fuel oil up on the hill 1845 gallons.

Frank Holman had an accident.  His horse was running away with a boy and as it passed Frank he grabbed it and they all went done, breaking a boy’s arm.

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