Saturday, April 26, 1947

116th day- 249 days follow

Partly cloudy

Mowed lawns this A.M.

Mr. and Mrs. H. were on the hill today.

The carpenters didn’t show up.

Ski, Thel, and I did some shooting at noon.

Mrs. Whiting called me up at noon and said Bill is very sick.  He fell unconscious in the bathroom at noon.

This afternoon I went over to the sand bank and found only a few chips.

Had a hoe and shovel so I dug in the shell heap there and struck a pit 4 ½ feet deep, 3 ft across.  In it I got some bone, turtle shell, some thick pottery, a lot of charcoal, part of a very large green knife, one large red arrowhead, one white quartz point, one large red base and one long bone awl.

Thel and I went up to supper to Toot’s.

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