Sunday, April 27, 1947

117th day- 248 days follow

(Karen Marie Lee)

Fair and Cool, windy

Went up on the hill.

Came back and Walder took Pick and I over to get Bob and Gretchen and their baby, then we went out to the Methodist Church to have the baby christened.

On the way back I stopped in to see Bill for half an hour.

Shot a couple of rounds.

Fannie Holman was here all day.

Marie was here too.  Thel took me over to Mrs. Stefani’s to get Geo. and Eleanor and we took them home.

We stopped at the hill on the way home.

Ski, Eddie, and Frank came in this afternoon on horse.

Thel took Fannie home.

Caught a whale of a grass snake.

One Reply to “Sunday, April 27, 1947”

  1. That was me baptized today. So incredible to read about it in his own hand. I was always so honored to have those two that’s my godparents.


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